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Female hair loss

Everybody knows how good looking hair is important to women. For many ladies it is the part of the body they about care the most. It is personal tragedy when she sees her hair is getting thinner, weaker and starts falling out.  Psychiatrists confirm that there is a growing number of women that are getting some mental problems because of hair loss every year. They suffer from depression and the lack of self esteem. It negatively affects their personal life and work.

The American Academy of Dermatology announced that female pattern hair loss affects approximately 30 million women in the U.S

According to International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Practice Census Facts and Figures there is an interesting trend which shows that the proportion of female hair restoration procedures increases, while the proportion of male patient decreases over the period of the last four years.

Male vs. Female Hair Restoration Surgical Procedures

ISHRS Chopin Female Hair Loss

Year 2004 2006 2008
Percent of women 11,4% 13,8% 15,1%
Percent of men 88,6% 86,2% 84,9%

Male vs. Female Hair Restoration NON- Surgical Procedures

ISHRS Chopin Female Hair Loss 2

Year 2004 2006 2008
Percent of women 28,3% 28,2% 31,8%
Percent of men 71,7% 71,8% 68,2%

Source: International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Practice Census Facts and Figures 2005, 2007, 2008

The problem of female hair loss affects more and more women every year.  To know the scale of this problem it is useful to check the monthly number of Google Internet searches for the  phrases: female hair loss and women hair loss. Every month people are typing in the key phrase “women hair loss” 90 000 times and almost 50 000 times “female hair loss” in the USA only! Nowadays Internet is the best source not only of general information  about  balding but it gives the list of professionals who may help them to solve their hair loss problems. Many people examine plastic surgery before and after pictures prior they choose the best plastic surgeon.

It is also worth looking at the fast growing trends. The Search Volume Trends column shows us how the monthly number of searches in Google increased over the period of last year.

Female hair loss - Number of monthly searches – broad match

Source: Number of monthly searches – broad match.

We also conducted some local researches in other countries and languages and the growing trends were similar, so we can come to conclusion that:

Female hair loss is a rising global worldwide problem.

A majority of publications in hair restoration surgery focuses on hair transplantation for males. However, the causes of female hair loss may be completely different than what causes balding in men and it is extremely important to correctly diagnose the female patterns of hair loss.

Treating women with hair loss can be difficult. Sometimes it is necessary to perform repeated blood tests in order to look for subtle abnormalities. The design and techniques for treating female hair loss with both strip and FUE hair transplant surgery are unique.

This is why The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) organized a workshop that was devoted to exclusively to female hair loss and restoration.

Because of the extremely high value of the content this workshop was recorded and is available as a DVD set.

More information about the Female Hair Loss workshop objectives and program:

What will it do for me?

Upon watching this video, you will be able to:

  • Recognize reasons of female hair loss.
  • Identify the clinical tools for female hair loss diagnosis with an emphasis on hormone tests and computerized methods for scalp hair growth measurements.
  • Define the rules of conservatively treating women with female hair loss.
  • Differentiate proper female hairline design from that of men to achieve more natural results in these patients.
  • Identify special intra-operative techniques necessary for success in transplanting female patients and post-cosmetic surgery patients.

What is the Workshop Program?

Carlos J. Puig, DOThe status of female baldness treatment:
Carlos PuigMalgorzata Mackiewicz-Wysocka MD, PhDFemale Pattern Baldness – Definition, Reasons and Diagnosis:
Malgorzata Mackiewicz-WysockaAnna Modelska-Ziolkiewicz MD, PhDThe importance of hormonal tests in diagnosis of female alopecia:
Anna Modelska-ZiolkiewiczMalgorzata Mackiewicz-Wysocka MD, PhDFundamental principle of computerized methods for scalp hair growth measurements
Malgorzata Mackiewicz-WysockaQ&A

Malgorzata Mackiewicz-Wysocka MD, PhDAnna Modelska-Ziolkiewicz MD, PhDContemporary concepts of conservative treatment in women with female hair loss
Malgorzata Mackiewicz-Wysocka, Anna Modelska-Ziolkiewicz

Carlos J. Puig, DOThe process of hair transplantation in female patients – indications for and limitation of surgical treatment Carlos Puig

Russell Knudsen, MBBSPreoperative markings and surgical techniques in hair transplantation of female patients Russell Knudsen

Paul T.Rose MD, JDComplications and post-operative management with hair transplantation in women Paul Rose

Jerzy Kolasinski MD, PhDHair transplanting in post-cosmetic surgery patients Jerzy Kolasinski

Live Surgery Observation

Case 1: Woman with high hairline (ca 800-1000 grafts)


  • Russell Knudsen – hair line design
  • Paul Rose – anesthesia and strip harvesting (trichophytic closure)
  • Carlos Puig – slits incisions (300 in front)
  • Malgorzata Kolenda – graft placing and stick&place

Case 2: Woman with AGA (ca 800-1000 grafts)


  • Carlos Puig – surgical plan – concept of graft size and distribution
  • Russell Knudsen – anesthesia and strip harvesting (trichophytic closure)
  • Paul Rose – slits incisions – coronal and sagital (ca 300)
  • Malgorzata Kolenda – graft placing and stick&place

Case 3: Woman with post-cosmetic surgery scar (ca 300 gr)


  • Jerzy Kolasinski – surgical plan
  • Malgorzata Kolenda – anesthesia and strip harvesting (trichophytic closure)
  • Carlos Puig – FUE (ca 50 grafts)
  • Russell Knudsen -slits incisions
  • Paul Rose – graft placing

Here you will find the full list of faculty profiles ↓

Female Hair Loss - Faculty

In summary: Female hair loss is a rising global problem. Every year more and more women suffer from their hair loss.

This educational Video set will let you to learn from the top worldwide recognized experts the newest  techniques and solutions in female hair loss treatment, so that you may adapt it in your local practice right now.

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